Outer Limits, in partnership with AWX, now offers purchases through an online store, but we do offer mail ordering facilities to those unable to come into one of our branches, and who prefer to deal with a staff member directly, or to order or enquire about items not listed in the online store.

When making such orders, please use our Johannesburg branch as your contact as it is our main branch and all orders and outgoing parcels are handled there (e-mail: sales@outerlimits.co.za / Tel: (011) 789-8215).

We have a huge range of stock in our stores, and as such not all are listed on-line, so if there is something you are looking for that you do not see mentioned on our site or on the Nexus online store, it does not mean we don’t have it or can’t get it, so please send us an e-mail detailing what you are looking for.

In addition to once off orders for games, comics, graphic novels, books, and other merchandise, we also offer the option of having an ongoing comics order for whichever titles you choose. You can either collect this ongoing order from one of our branches, or use our mail order option, and then, after sending a quote which you would confirm, we will send the comics directly to you. The following considerations should be taken into account:

  • We place our orders for current comic titles from the USA about 2 months in advance, and although we will try to get your orders for you immediately, some items may have to go onto a backorder until the 2 month pre-order period kicks in.
  • All ongoing order customers are required to purchase their subscriptions at least once every 2 months.
  • We send items through a courier (door to door), for a small additional fee. Should you require special courier services, it is up to you to organise these after payment has been verified.
  • Standard payment methods for mail orders are ETF, direct deposit, or remote Credit Card payments. For any deposit we will need to receive a proof of payment.

Besides ongoing comics orders, some of the items you could order though us are:

    • Individual comic issues, both current and older as we have a large selection of comics in store, and can order various titles as well.
    • Graphic novels. We have a large selection of comics in store, and can order various titles as well.
    • Comic merchandise, such as figures, statues, T-shirts, posters, and collectables.
    • Magic The Gathering cards. We sell both sealed product as well as singles.
    • Board Games. We get board games in from various suppliers world wide, and usually have a very impressive variety in stock. Some of our best sellers include: Settlers of Catan, Star Wars X-Wing, Arkham Horror, Ticket to Ride, Smallworld, and plenty of others.
    • Role-playing Games. We have a large selection of games and source books, and can also order some systems through our suppliers.
    • Other games and merchandise. We have shelves full of unusual and interesting items. If there’s something you’re after, we may just be the ones who can help you find it.

Contact us

    for more information or with any requests or orders you may have.